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2019 Individual Employee Community Services/Activities

Please complete this form for all community services/activities that you individually participated in. 

  • If you participated in a Bank Event, this form should NOT be completed.  Your participation will be included in the Branch Offered Services and Bank Events form completed by the Branch Manager or the employee organizing the event. 
  • Please complete a separate form for each service/activity you participated in. 

If you have any questions while completing this form please contact Anna DiDomenico.

Employee Information
Service / Activity

Be specific and explain if it was related to using your financial expertise or your area of expertise at the Bank. For example- I assisted in fund raising by collecting money, counting it, and distributing it to the organization using my teller expertise
Do not include travel time to event
Organization Information
Please go to organization's website, copy and paste the purpose/mission statement here.
If purpose/mission statement is not on website, type purpose/mission statement in box above and upload documentation supporting purpose/mission statement.
If the organization provides services that benefit low to moderate income individuals but it is not clear in the purpose/mission statement, please upload supporting documentation to evidence the benefit to low to moderate income individuals.