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Connecticut Community Bank, N.A.


May 2014

Service Fee
Insufficient funds/Overdrafts created by check, ACH transaction or through other electronic means (Paid or Returned) $33.00
Uncollected funds/Overdrafts created by check, ACH transaction or through other electronic means (Paid or Returned) $5.00
Return Deposited Item $15.00
ATM or Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM or Debit Card Replacement - Special Handling Varies per service
Bond Coupons - Returned $15.00
Check Printing Varies per style
Certified Checks $10.00
Money Orders $3.00
Official Checks $7.00
Checkbook reconciliation, per hour $25.00
Coin Counting 2% of total
Collections - Incoming/Outgoing $20.00*
Collections - Foreign Currency $15.00*
Currency Orders Varies*
Dormant Fee $2.00 per month
Excess Transaction Charge $10.00 per item
Fax Service - Daily $20.00 per month
Fax Service - Monthly $10.00 per month
Foreign Currency Orders $15.00*
Foreign Checks Deposited $10.00*
Internet Banking - Personal w/bill payment No charge
Internet Banking - Business accounts:  
Small Business service $10.00 per month
Cash Management service Varies
Legal - Attachments, levies, garnishments $50.00
Lost Passbook $5.00
Notary - per notarization (non-customer) $5.00
Document Production  $3.00 per page
Research, per hour $25.00
Signature Guarantee (customer only) No Charge
Stop Payment Orders $25.00
Telephone Transfer Requests No Charge
Travelers Cheques and Gift Cheques See schedule
Wire Transfers - Outgoing:  
International* $40.00
Domestic $25.00
Wire Transfers - Incoming  
   International* $20.00
   Domestic $12.00

*plus correspondent bank or service provider charges, if applicable

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